Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we can provide some clarity below

Can I stop by to check out the facility and speak with a coach?

Absolutely! Check our class schedule or contact us for more information.

I’ve never done CrossFit before, do I need to get “in shape” first?

NO! CFC programming is designed to help anyone of any age group or fitness background. All of our WODs are scalable; meaning there isn’t a WOD that you can’t do. Every class is led by a certified level 1 CrossFit Trainer that will guide you through what’s appropriate for you at your current ability level.

What is the "Box"?

The Box is our “gym.” Our box provides all the necessary equipment to complete the WOD. You will not find any machines in our facility because quite frankly….you are the machine.

What is the “WOD?”

WOD = “Workout of the Day.” Each day our box will have a WOD that is specifically targeted at certain movements and energetic pathways. Every WOD has a purpose and will be different from the next day’s WOD.

What does a WOD consist of?

Every class follows the same format. We will begin each class with a group dynamic warm-up designed to increase your heart rate, provide oxygen to the muscular system, and prepare your body for next part of the class. The second part of class is the Strength and Skill (S&S) portion. The S&S will consists of a prescribed movement for the day that athletes will be allotted ~20 minutes to complete. The movement could be gymnastic based, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, mobility, conditioning, etc. The third part of the WOD will be the METCON or metabolic conditioning. A METCON can be anything from plyometrics, calisthenics, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, running, rowing, cycling, gymnastics, etc. Although the METCON is self-paced….all athletes at the class will begin each METCON together. Some METCONS will be for time, reps, rounds, weight, etc. Finally, the cool-down. The cool-down is designed to return your body to homeostasis i.e. a “resting” state.

Is the WOD Enough? Should I do more?

A major component of CrossFit philosophy consists of pursuing/learning another sport or activity. However, if you complete the WODs appropriately then you will find yourself with improved fitness that carries over to any new task, activity, or sport you participate in.

What is an AMRAP?

An AMRAP is a type of WOD. AMRAP can equal “As Many Reps As Possible” or “As Many Rounds As Possible.” AMRAP workouts hallenge the athlete to complete as much work (reps or rounds) as possible in an allotted amount of time.

What does “For Time” mean?

For Time = a WOD that has a prescribed amount of work that can be done as quickly as possible while maintaining proper mechanics and efficiency of movement. These types of WODs are considered a balancing beam between intensity and proper mechanics.

What is Rhabdo?

Rhabdo is short for Rhabdomyolysis = rapid degradation of muscle fibers that occurs when an athlete pushes beyond their adapted limits. Although Rhabdo can have serious side effects, we as coaches do everything we can to aid members in gauging their abilities and intensity levels. We chose to educate our members on rhabdo in order to recognize the body’s warning signs something may be wrong. We promise to always have your safety in mind.

Can CrossFit make me bulky?

If you follow our recommendations of training appropriately through the WODs, proper nutrition, and sufficient rest/recovery….then you will gain lean muscle mass, lose fat, and improve your metabolic fitness. However, our programming is not specifically geared towards Hypertrophy (increase in muscle size) but instead towards function. We are far more concerned with how you are able to complete your activities of daily living and increasing your functional longevity (i.e. the number of years in your life free of disease and pain).

What about abs?

Abs or “core” as it is often referred to today is designed to stabilize and support your body while performing movements like squatting, pressing, pushing, pulling, running, jumping, and throwing. We train for functional capacity meaning treating the body as a singular functional unit and not breaking the body down into individual muscle groups….as bodybuilding often does. The above movements place greater emphasis on your abs working in conjunction with the rest of the body thus resulting in overall stronger and more functionally capable muscles. Will our training methodology still provide you with the washboard abs you always desired or a slimmer midsection? Absolutely….when coupled with the proper nutrition.

What’s a Tabata WOD?

Tabata is a style of WOD that includes prescribed work to rest ratios. Typically, an athlete will “work” for 20 seconds while performing as many reps of an assigned movement as possible…..then “rest” for 10 seconds. Typically the work:rest is completed seven times for a total of 8 intervals = 4 minutes of total exercise.

What’s a EMOTM WOD?

EMOTM = Every Minute On The Minute. Specific movements are prescribed to be performed at the start of each new minute. Sometimes EMOTM can include multiple movements to begin at every odd minute and a different movement at every even minute. As soon as the movement is completed, the athlete rests until the next “new” minute begins.

Why does CrossFit seem so expensive?

Our CrossFit classes are equivalent to group personal training. Every member is doing the same movements, yet coaching cues vary from person to person based on their abilities and limitations. Also, being a member of our box means you are a part of our community where you will receive camaraderie, competitive push, and the support provided from working out with others in a group setting.